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Burden of Truth - Season 1 - Promo

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'Burden of Truth' is a serialised investigative drama about life-altering legal cases.

Fast-rising corporate attorney Joanna Hanley (Kristin Kreuk, Smallville, Beauty and the Beast) returns to her small hometown of Millwood – a prairie town with an industrial past and uncertain future – to represent a major client in a case against some sick high school girls. She dispatches her case quickly and efficiently, crushing the girls and their small-town lawyer – her former high school classmate Billy Crawford (Peter Mooney, Rookie Blue, Camelot). After winning her case, she discovers the girls are sicker than anyone thought. Otherwise healthy young women have been overcome with uncontrollable twitches and seizures, making life unlivable. They need help. Joanna also realizes she may have unresolved personal business in town. Even though she’s a successful partner in a big law firm, she can’t ignore the feeling that something in her life is not right. She becomes convinced all the answers she’s seeking about her broken life can be found in her old hometown. And if she’s going to fix herself, she has to start where it all began – with uncovering all of her family’s deepest secrets.

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@настроение: UPD: сегодня выложили на торрентах 1 серию

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San Diego Comic-Con Portraits by Robby Klein - July 22, 2017

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Rookie Blue - Season 5 - Life is Not a Fairy Tale

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THE PROPOSAL | directed by Geordie Sabbagh | starring Missy Peregrym & Peter Mooney

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Продлили на 5 сезон!

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Missy Peregrym - Regard Magazine (June 2013)

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Rookie Blue - 4x02 - Homecoming

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@настроение: как же мне мало одной серии в неделю.

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Rookie Blue - Season 4 - New Promo

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Rookie Blue - Season 4 - Promo

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Missy Peregrym - Cybergeddon Premiere in West Hollywood 09/24/12

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Rookie Blue - 3x10 - Cold Comforts

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"I am the luckiest man alive. I don’t just have good friends, I have great friends. Noelle, thanks for helping me make the playlist for this little shindig. Gotta be honest though, when you weren’t looking I did sneak the Macarena back on there. Ollie, you know you’re my brother. I can only hope that I’m half the husband you are and when the time comes, half the dad. Sammy, the best man. No truer words were ever spoken. I trust you with my life because no matter what happens I know you’ll always have my back. I love you, man. And to my beautiful wife, Traci - you aren’t just part of my life, you are my life. You have taken this simple man and made him a king. Until the day I die, you will always hold the key to my heart."

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Rookie Blue - 3x09 - Out of Time

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“Jerry’s inability to use his cell phone started really as a comedic runner in earlier episodes, and when it kind of paid off in this, that was one of those weird, happy accidents, when we realized we could use it in this episode in a way that would be totally both funny and sad.”

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Travis Milne - Filler Magazine’s summer issue (2011)

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Missy Peregrym - Sharp Magazine - May 2012

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Rookie Blue - 3x01 - The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

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#Says the cop as she eats a donut

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Rookie Blue - Season 3 - Promotional Photos (x23 HQ)

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Rookie Blue - 2x11 - A Little Faith

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Rookie Blue - 2x11 - A Little Faith

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Rookie Blue - 2x09 - Brotherhood

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Dov: Be cool, Gail. Be cool.
Gail: Shut up.
Dov: You have any five cent candies?
Gail: (Laughs) You know what? Actually keep talking. Cause I’m gonna tell your girlfriend every little thing you said next time she comes over to watch one of her stupid dancing shows.
Dov: I love that she watches stupid dancing shows even though she can’t dance. I love that she’s pretty and funny and smart. Pretty much the most incredible girl that I’ve ever dated. The only thing wrong with her.
Gail: She’s dating an idiot for a boyfriend who’s higher than a lab monkey?
Dov: No. The only thing that’s wrong with her is that she’s not you.
Gail: What?
Dov: I mean if she was you, or if I was Chris, I’d believe in luck of the soul. The possibility of anything.
Gail: (Laughs) I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Dov: And I’d marry you. I would. Mhm. And we’d open our presents on Christmas morning, not Christmas Eve. And I’d take a desk job, I hate a fifty, I’d lose my hair, my mind. Listening to Jazz and embarrass our kids. Our kids. With their straw colored hair and your eyes. I’d wake up, every morning and wonder am I dumb? Dumb, dumb luck. If I was Chris.

@настроение: Я, наверно, единственная кто их еще смотрит.

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Love in Vegas