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Candice Patton - Bello Magazine (April 2018) by Arthur Galvao

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IF DC HAD FACEBOOK: ArrowVerse Edition

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Danielle Panabaker - 'Tomb Raider' premiere in Hollywood, CA - March 12, 2018

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Трейлер короткометражки "Tom and Grant" с актерами сериала "The Flash"

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Synopsis: "From the deep comedy well of 'dumb guys who think they're smart' we bring you Tom and Grant. Small time crooks, poster children for the disenfranchised, they've been swept to the periphery of the American Dream and left to pick up it's crumbs. They push back against the system, refusing to be lumped in with the masses in the heartland, adopting the mantra 'Quit your day job'. They seek a better way.

Problem is, they're idiots.

All they've got is a car, a dream, and a very dumb idea: let someone else rob the bank, and then rob the robbers. Theirs is a quest to plunge headlong into the Pantheon of Poor Choices.

'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself'. Some Presidents offer quotes for the ages; others, not so much. These lowered standards have become the lyrics of a troubled era. It's the soundtrack of the misguided, and the music of choice of Tom and Grant. Just as Bruce Springsteen's lyrics for 'Born in the USA' were never anthemic, Tom and Grant's, 'When You Are a Star', was never intended to inspire...

Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin, arch rivals on the television show 'The Flash', team up to play the titular small time crooks. Their brotherhood is the fuel that drives this caper, offering dissections of the movie stakeout archetype, musings on freedom, and a truly unfortunate misinterpretation of the term 'jazz hands'. Written and directed by Cavanagh, he marries the current politic of hearing only what we want to hear with the easy camaraderie of the buddy pic."

- Written and directed by Tom Cavanagh, starring Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin.

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Danielle Panabaker - The Art Of Elysium's 11th Annual Heaven Celebration in Santa Monica 01/06/2018


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SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Channel Broadcasts during Comic Con 2017 in San Diego, CA - July 21, 2017


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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 at The IMDb Yacht on July 22, 2017 in San Diego, California.

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San Diego Comic-Con Portraits by Robby Klein - July 22, 2017

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TVLine Portrait Studio at Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA, 07/22/2017

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Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Portraits by Matthias Clamer

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Portrait at the Buzzfeed Comic-Con suite in San Diego

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@музыка: заметка для себя: если сразу не выложишь, то потом будет пылиться полгода на жестком диске

@настроение: Дорогие ПЧ, потерпите меня эти праздники, пока я захламляю вашу ленту избранного

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DC TV "Suit Up" Promo

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@музыка: дали расширенную версию

@настроение: в этом году не было Fight Club, ну хотя бы так

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Supergirl - 3x08 - Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

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Supergirl - 3x08 - Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1

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All I wanna do is come running home to you,
And all my life I promise to keep running home you.


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Godofredo Astudillo Photoshoot

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DCTV Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Trailer #2

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Crisis on Earth X

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Crisis on Earth X - 2017 Arrowverse Crossover

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Crisis on Earth X

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Candice Patton - CBS Watch! Magazine (November/December 2017) by Christopher Ross

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at The Trident Hotel in Port Antonio, Jamaica

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Love in Vegas