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Записи с темой: westworld (список заголовков)

The Envelope Emmy live chat portraits 2017 by La Times Entertainment

Diary of a TV Addict

HBO: It’s What Connects Us

Diary of a TV Addict
HBO stars re-create the iconic HBO “Ahhh" Intro.

@темы: Видео, Westworld, Veep, Girls, Game Of Thrones, Commercial, Emilia Clarke


On Earth As It Is In Television - Elle Us (February 2017)

Diary of a TV Addict
Evan Rachel Wood & Thandie Newton, Issa Rae, Mandy Moore, Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams, America Ferrera, Cast of Riverdale

@темы: Game Of Thrones, Riverdale, Scans, Superstore, This is Us, Westworld, photoshoot


Evan Rachel Wood - 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills - January 8, 2017

Diary of a TV Addict

Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes Cold Open

Diary of a TV Addict

This is what we live for, isn’t it? This moment (Multifandom Mashup 2016)

Diary of a TV Addict

Love in Vegas